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  • Cois Cuan, Corbally, Newbridge, Co Kildare
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Small Urban Garden

Project Details

Brief and Overview

This garden previously had gotten a little overgrown. Initially the eye was drawn down to the far corner of the garden which had an unpleasant looking compost area. It was decided to replace this compost area with a paved seating area with a granite ball water feature. The timber pergola (planted with wisteria) acted as a frame for this new focal point of the garden. The view from the kitchen area is now a lot more pleasing A vegetable garden area was also built using tanalised pressure treated timbers. Beech pebble was spread here to provide ease of access. Planting is a mixture of evergreen shrubs and perennials

Landscapers Newbridge Kildare
Landscapers Newbridge Kildare

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